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Neglecting proper e-waste disposal doesn’t just pose a risk to human and environmental health. It also represents a wasted business opportunity. We recently caught up with Ghislain Irakoze, a 20-year-old university student at the African Leadership University in Kigali, Rwanda and founder of Wastezon, a social enterprise in the e-waste management field, to find out more about this industry.
Before the pandemic, Africa’s tourism industry was the second-fastest growing in the world. Despite the challenges experienced as a result of COVID-19, Rwanda’s tourism sector is opening up and allowing travelers to safely enjoy what the country has to offer.
Tech hubs have become influential startup creators and tech community builders in Africa. Here are the five business models for tech hubs on the African continent.
In June 2018, 49 African states signed the African Continental Free Trade Agreement to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Here are 10 fast facts about the AfCFTA.
There is an estimated USD 42 billion financing gap for women in Africa today. As a result, many female-owned businesses do not actualize their potential; and many investors miss profitable investment opportunities. Increasing gender equality in the region…
Manufacturing in Africa is growing. From car assembly to ceramics, textiles, and mattresses, industrial production is taking off. Thanks to increasing urbanization and access to electricity, the continent is gradually embracing manufacturing. 
COVID-19 presents an opportunity for Africa to develop and modernize its agriculture sector. African countries that wish to use the current crisis as an opportunity to enhance their food production can take several steps.
Companies can turn to outsourcing to connect with new pools of talent while reducing overhead costs. By delegating specific tasks to outside experts, businesses can focus their efforts on developing and perfecting their core offerings while saving money for the company.
Traditionally, the go-to outsourcing destinations have been Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Now, the growing economy and aging population in these regions is making labor in these regions more expensive and, therefore, less attractive to companies looking for remote, cost-effective staff. Africa, with its large population of educated unemployed and underemployed individuals, is emerging as the next top destination for offshore staff sourcing.

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