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About Us

Driving Business in Africa
We are driving sustainable economic development through human capital development
Empower Africa was founded by Ezi Rapaport in 2018 out of the vital need to create significant international awareness and impact during a unique window of opportunity to uplift Sierra Leone.

Our business network enables established and emerging businesses to connect, partner, and create long term value with Africa-based projects.

We liaise with governments, major corporations, and investors to facilitate business opportunities, deliver deal flow and provide research across our network to the Empower Africa business community.

At Empower Africa we believe that business, trade, and investment are the key drivers to enhance quality of life in Africa for everyone.


Ezi Rapaport

Founder & CEO

Harvard graduate and previously the Director of Global Trading for the Rapaport Group, Ezi Rapaport founded Empower Africa with the belief that sustainable economic development is the true way forward for Africa.
“Africa’s true value is within its people.”

Shai Bernstein

VP Business Development & Operations

Brings over a decade of experience leading the expansion of high-tech businesses in the US and Israel. As VP of Business Development and Operations, Shai coordinates with government officials, venture capitalists and investors on projects.

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Ezi Rapaport

Founder & CEO

Shai Bernstein

VP of Business Development & Partnerships

Maoz Aviv

VP of Agriculture

Jesse Shiff

Director of Marketing

Masha Vernik

Agri Economist

Ammar Kamara

Country Manager - Sierra Leone

Caleb Zipperstein

Director of Value Creation and Venture Capital Lead

Uriya Rosenman

Business Development

Kitso Matshego

Business Development Coordinator

Hadar Oryan

Research Associate

Daniel Ionescu

Data Analyst and Market Research Associate

Shira Aliza Petrack


Leah Ngari

Content Writer

Elenah Kimaru

Content Writer

Sharon Rosencwaig

Marketing Operations

Stephanie Graber

Community Manager


The Empower Africa Business Network

The Empower Africa Business Network connects and enhances collaboration between qualified businesses, investors, NGOs, and governments seeking to drive sustainable economic development in Africa.
A dedicated platform to find and post investment opportunities, reach key stakeholders, source expertise and capital to expand your operations.

Trade Mission & International Events

We host sector focused Trade Missions and international events to attract local and global stakeholders and create opportunities to network, develop relationships, and collaborate on strategic projects.

Project Facilitation & Consulting

We generate deal flow to buyers and sellers by driving important projects forward. Members of our network can receive important 1-1 consulting and dedicated project enablement to enhance their speed to market.
Empower Africa is proud to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

We work on projects in agriculture, energy, and education that progress the following goals.

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