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We drive sustainable economic development 

through human capital development 

Our Company Vision

Empower Africa’s dream is for Africa to be an ever-growing contributing force in the world. Our mission is to empower people and scale prosperity
by driving investment, trade and job creation.


In an effort to combat coronavirus in Africa, we've compiled a page of updates & resources.



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Empowerment is driven by our ability to appreciate each other and the value we can create together.

Ezi Rapaport
Founder & CEO


Code Monkey

We launched CodeMonkey at Innovation Axis Incubator in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


CodeMonkey is a fun software game and course that teaches children the basics of coding and the value of collaboration. This initiative is meant to enhance quality education in Sierra Leone and help optimize the significant potential of its youth.

Music Studio

We are proud to be partnering with the Kono Artists Movement to create music that instills hope and drives unity and collaboration.


​Empower Africa and the Kono Artists Movement opened their first music studio in Sierra Leone and released their first song "Learning is better and our future is brighter" on January 17th, 2019.

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Suwafe Village Education

We are proud to be partnering with Team Earth and enhancing the education of the children of Suwafe Village, Sierra Leone.


​We distribute first-class multimedia education through technology and provide after-school class tutoring and educational support

Now is the time for Sierra Leone

On April 4th, 2018, the Republic of Sierra Leone concluded its 4th consecutive peaceful election since the civil war which ended in 2002. It elected President Julius Maada Bio and a new government on the promise of a new era of unity and empowerment.


Empower Africa believes that President Bio is a man of integrity and vision, and that he has the courage and discipline to develop the country and uplift his nation. For the first time in its history, free quality education has been launched to all citizens in Sierra Leone and we are witnessing substantial efforts by the government to transition from an aid to trade-based economy.

Sierra Leone is a country of great historic significance and Empower Africa believes it is essential to not miss this unique window of opportunity. Empower Africa is identifying significant and lucrative business opportunities and is dedicated to attracting and assisting companies to invest in and execute projects that can drive sustainable economic development.


While we are a non-political entity we are encouraged and proud to be working in strong collaboration with the US Embassy which has recognized the nascent opportunity under President Bio’s “New Direction” strategy and has committed to helping drive sustainable prosperity.

Our Story


Empower Africa was founded by Ezi Rapaport in 2018 out of the vital need to create significant international awareness and impact during a unique window of opportunity to help uplift Sierra Leone.


The Rapaport family's relationship with Sierra Leone began over 20 years ago when Ezi's father, Martin Rapaport, Chairman of The Rapaport Group, flew to Sierra Leone during the civil war, on a US reconciliation program to help end the war. Martin was influential in introducing the Clean Diamond Act in US Congress and later in establishing the Kimberley Process to stop conflict diamonds from entering the international markets. After the war, the family worked with USAID on developing rehabilitation programs for people returning home to the Kono District. 


Empower Africa’s mission stems from the Rapaport family’s values of developing ethical and transparent trade and from the imperative need to attract a broad range of leaders in the private sector to help drive comprehensive and timely sustainable economic development in Africa

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